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Open Your Eyes


Powering through life, Chris Cantelmo appears to have lead a charmed life.


Handsome, wealthy and charismatic, the retired Yale educated Bio chemist, Biophysist, has dedicated his existence to the Scientific community, yet he seemed to be missing something.

Like the pointillism of an Impressionist landscape, a life can appear to be entirely different when examined close up.

At the point of suicide, a clear vision emerged that DMT must be experienced.


The Story so Far

Thrust unexpectedly onto a roller-coaster ride of internet fame, the domination of Reddit and untimely downfall, suspicion of his generosity, love, sex and drama, Chris may have found himself on a mind-bending search for his soul and ultimately has discovered the precious, ephemeral nature of true love.

It turns out that not being totally selfish with these discoveries let's the entire community to succeed.

The hardest lesson that the Sweet is never as sweet without the Sour.

To live a real life… not wanting to live in a walking daze. A slave to an unseen master.

There is an answer.

Meet Chris Cantelmo

What would you do if you had made Chris' discoveries?

How would you share them?

What would you be risking to lose?

Would you have the balls to share it with the world, or hide and keep it private for a few?

I hope Chris finds happiness, he deserves it, in its various forms, as is the sweet after the sour.

I have learnt that being open for what comes next and experience life as it is.

The genie is NOW out of the bottle.

The DMT message has been shared.

Those fighting against it will be held for charges against humanity.

Prohibition will end, and the world has a chance of being saved.

Thanks to great men like Chris Cantelmo, we might just have a chance.

I am hereby ushering in a renaissance of Reason and Spirituality, which have not be united since ancient times.
You all know this is exactly what needs to be done and exactly how things are.
— Sage Chris Cantelmo

What can you do now?

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