Discoveries of Chris Cantelmo

  1. There is a God

  2. God emits a cosmic broadcast of electromagnetic waves

  3. Humans and all other living creatures with a nervous system can receive information from God’s cosmic broadcast while their neural network is enabled by DMT, N,N-Dimthyltryptamine

  4. Instinctual behavior in animals results from the behavioral instructions delivered to each organism via the cosmic broadcast. Imagine that each species has an its own decryption key so it interprets the cosmic data set according to its own specific behavioral needs.

  5. Aliens are now present on earth and hyperactive in an effort to save the earth from environmental disaster. The aliens have recognized Chris Cantelmo as the only human well versed enough to speak to the hearts and minds of every type of human. Aliens have demanded Chris to deliver the aliens’ message: stop polluting and warmongering and overpopulating or we will unleash an unstoppable plague and lethal worldwide epidemic.

  6. Einstein’s energy equation needs to be updated to E=4/3(pi)mc3

  7. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is wrong. The universe is getting increasingly organized and energetic and its end state is already determined as a super complex wonder-world.

  8. Free-will in humans is an illusion and the end state of every living thing follows suit. The consequence of this fact is anxiety should evaporate since our individual actions are irrelevant to the final outcome at all times. People should do the most enjoyable thing at every waking moment.

  9. The nervous systems of all living creatures is both a computer (information processing system) and an antenna which both broadcasts and receives electromagnetic waves (in exactly the same way as a PC or Mac contains a CPU and a WiFi circuit). DMT enables the WIFI and increases the clock speed of the bio-CPU by quantum orders of magnitude above ‘default mode’ of normal adult human brain function.

  10. There is a DMT cycle in mammals in which DMT and sex hormones are inversely proportioned. The higher the level of sex hormones the lesser the quantity of DMT produced by the pineal “gland” in the brain. DMT production is stopped altogether in humans at puberty and reinitiated in late adulthood.

  11. The mental health syndromes called schizophrenia and autism are one and the same and result from a relative over-abundance of bioavailable DMT. From here on these syndromes can be unified as “Autiphrenia.” Autiphrenic’s are geniuses and were created by god to be leaders of humanity and lesser ‘normal’ adults were too stupid to see this in modern times. In ancient times autiphrenics were rulers.

  12. Shakespeare, Galileo, Da Vinci and all historical geniuses (and probably Jesus himself) were autiphrenics.

  13. Moses was either autiphrenic or inhaled DMT released by a burning acacia bush and saw spirits and received god’s message.

  14. Our modern industrialized world, particularly fluoridation of our water supplies and being told not to stare at the sun has resulted in calcification of our pineal glands and an interruption of the natural DMT cycle. Staring at the sun and drinking deionized pure water rejuvenates pineal function.

  15. Adding DMT to an adult brain via orally active ayahuasca or by vaping DMT crystals allows people to see the spirits which are always around us but otherwise invisible, including a multitude of guardian angels voluntarily assigned to each of us.

  16. A near death experience occurs when the CO2 levels in the brain get so high that the pineal gland releases what it believes is the final dose of DMT into the brain which is meant to enable our souls to be delivered back to god. This is why almost all near-death-experienced people report seeing angels and aliens.

  17. Nitrogen narcosis in scuba divers and anyone who breathes compressed air results from DMT being released in the CO2-enriched, oxygen-starved brain.

  18. The euphoria delivered by laughing gas (nitrous oxide) at the dentist or by doing “whippets” is created by the release of DMT by the brain. If you want to do DMT but do not have access to the chemical, just inhale nitrous oxide and you will get a sense of the DMT experience.

  19. DMT has allowed Chris Cantelmo to unify the four fundamental forces in physics into one force, electromagnetism (EM). The weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force, and gravity are all manifestations of EM-over-distance. The only reason the notion of multiple forces originated is because “gravity” and its effects was clearly understood by everyone. When electricity was discovered later it was assumed to be a separate force. A look at the force equations for EM and gravitation shows that they are identical.

  20. There is no such thing as gravity waves and the LIGO detectors detect tectonic plate movement not gravitation. Kip Thorne (Nobel Prize winner for his LIGO project) is an Uber genius but was lead astray by the notion that gravity is a separate force

  21. Modern medicine and vaccines only make our immune systems weaker and are the source of all human suffering. God gave us all the immunity we need and medical intervention should only be undertaken in life threatening emergencies. Vaccines are the problem not the solution.

  22. A direct experience of god is vital and essential. All religions are formed after a charismatic human has god revealed through an experience with DMT. Religions fail by claiming exclusivity of the divine. Religion is a source of evil as certain as it is a force for enlightenment.

  23. Money is the ultimate source of evil and results from greed. Money allows people the luxury of treating others poorly. When money is eliminated peace will be restored to earth.

  24. Darwin’s Natural Selection occurs at the species group level not the individual level and this explains Altruism, heretofore a mystery to evolutionary biologists and psychiatrists.

  25. Freud and Jung were well meaning but wrong: the subconscious does not exist. Dreams foreshadow future events and when that future event happens we feel a “deja vu.”

  26. When matter is created by condensing light waves into particles, matter stays with us into the present and antimatter recedes into the past. Matter and antimatter are reunited at the end of the Universe.

  27. If Chris Cantelmo isn’t the second coming is anyone capable of so being?

  28. Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead rule! Play Dark Star!!!!

    Note: Children, do not try this at home. You are children, still under the influence of god, and you need not overdo things, as is the want of children, I know.

    Note: Those adults currently in touch with god, this does not apply to you either. You are correct in saying that being in touch with god does not require “drugs." DMT is not a drug, as it is made naturally by humans inside humans. The following applies only to humans who refuse the existence of god.