A Few Details Not To Be Overlooked

The following event occurred Saturday night.  After inhalation of an approximately 60 mg dose of pure DMT, I entered a state which I associate with death, at which point I thought I had finally "done it" and had died and I collapsed on my bed.  After a brief period, perhaps 20 seconds, I felt myself getting up from the bed and with eyes open saw my bedroom reappear through the colored-dots-on-pure-black-background visual field of "death."  As the room reappeared, intense bursts of intensely blue and gold and red and orange lights (of hues not common normally) existed between entities flying through my house and the surface of my body and the surfaces of the bodies of my two dogs.  My dogs did not seem perturbed besides their excitation in response to my excitation at the explosive nature of the light and super-fast-moving entities swirling around me.  The entities were faceless and did not seem to have a definable form, but they were able to make physical impressions on my body.  The touching impressions were of the sort of tapping on, say, my left shoulder so that I would turn my head to the left only to be then immediately tapped on the right shoulder, and so on.  This was happening at incredibly fast speeds.  My thinking at the time was "oh my god I have brought a 'central intelligence' team visit and they are inspecting my entire being and house for radioactive materials."  Why radioactive materials?  I have recently taken an interest in nuclear power for the purposes of thinking about non-greenhouse-gas-emitting energy sources, and I had been thinking out loud about potential sources of slow-moving neutrons shortly before the inhalation of DMT.  I had the distinct impression that the "central intelligence team" felt the need to make certain that I was merely thinking about radioactivity and not actually collecting any of it.

***And for the record, besides working with 32P and  35S in DNA sequencing, I have only ever thought about other forms of radioactivity and I have not and will not be involved with actual radioactivity in any way.****

As the team scoured my home with bursts of light and magnetic fields that controlled my own movement and that of my two dogs, I was fairly convinced that I was about to be hauled off into a waiting van and brought somewhere for questioning. One of the entities, an invisible jester sort of genius, inquired as to whether or not I would care to venture into a wormhole, but I was too afraid to try that.

After a few moments of intense activity in the middle of my living room, I oriented myself in the direction of my back door and stepped into the shoes I had on the floor nearby.  As I was doing this some unseen entity was nipping at my knees and thighs and perhaps giggling, though I am not certain I could actually hear anything.   I got my shoes on and slowly walked out my back door into the dark of my large back yard, where all of the plants and trees were in an absolute frenzy of vibration and celebration with the surrounding entities.  I walked about 500 feet into my back yard and stared back at my house until I couldn't see any more colored lights, and at which point the effects of DMT started to wane and normal reality returned over the ensuing minute or two, at which point I reentered my home.  I could not see any signs of what had just occurred.

Would you say the figures are frightening or do you feel any type of way towards them? 
The figures are absolutely frightening at first. But I made clear that I had no ill intent and I was along for the ride wherever and whenever it takes me.

Here's what I can tell you as a first timer. You will be rightfully petrified when the time comes. Time = 0: After one lung full vapor you will be flushed with a feeling of having been given an incredibly benign tranquilizer. Expect this and do not fear giving in to it. Time = 20 seconds: At the end of the second lung full you will enter what you will recognize as an extremely psychedelic state. Again, the critical thing to do is give in to the experience, because this will not harm you in any way. Fighting against the experience is totally counterproductive, and you almost certainly won't do it, but sometimes first timers are so overwhelmed by the newness of the situation that they feel as though they've been lead into a trap of some sort. There is no trap. "Reality" is the trap and you'll be glad you escaped it for a few moments. Time = 60 seconds: At the exhalation of your third lung full of vapor you will break through to the larger dimension in which entities become apparent. You will be overwhelmed and amazed beyond anything that anyone can imagine during ordinary states of consciousness. I have gone through the experience many, many times and it is still an extremely difficult task to remember exactly what happens.

Time = 360 seconds: you will be largely back to everyday reality. Time = 600 seconds: you can go about your day as if nothing whatsoever happened, except that you are infinitely wiser than at Time = 0.

I prefer to keep my eyes open the entire time. Sometimes it is impossible to keep one's eyes open during the breakthrough. You'll have to play it by ear!

Like waking from a dream, you will see that an ability to recall or describe the experience diminishes exponentially with time. Hopefully you will record your recollections as you enter the experience or have someone in your company to record your experience.

You will find that changing the object of your focus during the experience brings you out of the trance. Staring at one thing or focusing on one thing keeps you in the trance.

I'm happy to answer any other questions you send my way. I would say "good luck" but you will not need it! Trust the experience.

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