Benefits of DMT

My experience, 35 years at the highest levels of pharmaceutical purification and analysis, degree in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University (1984)


Just for the record, for those inexperienced with DMT who want data from people who have more experience, after many, many, many experiences, the following can be reported:

I’m immersed in an astonishing period of exceptional clarity of thought and vision. Life just keeps getting easier and easier and better and better. Can this positive feedback continue indefinitely? It appears so, yes, but only an unbridled sense of discovery will give me the answer. I’m willing to be the guinea pig. That’s why I’m writing this, to be another solid data point in my matrix of information, and now your body of knowledge.

I’m over 55 and my health has only improved since my experimentation began (less than a year ago). I’ve lost 30 pounds of excess weight and chronic joint pain (resulting from years of intense mountain biking, triathlon, and Ironman competition) in my knees and shoulders has disappeared. I used to overindulge in alcohol and now I rarely even think about it and I have nothing but sympathy for the poor people who feel the need to poison themselves with wine, beer, and booze.

Nothing in my life has been diminished. I have more friends, better relationships, increased optimism and more money.

This probably all sounds too good to be true, which makes me wonder why we believe that there has to be a downside to anything. It turns out win-wins are not only possible, but inevitable, and that the sooner we all realize this the sooner this earth will make the garden of eden seem low rent.


DMT is an endogenous neurotransmitter in early human development, in our infancy, and that DMT creates “thought patterns” essential to learning. One of the original features of our infancy is that we are incapable of being judgmental: it literally never occurs to us. Our infant minds are pure recipients of information. After all, there is a lot to learn in a short period of time and it is easier to learn when we give full attention to our teachers.

It seems possible that DMT is the key element in allowing one to have an open mind. While we often hear people preach that keeping an open mind is a good thing, we are at the same time aware that very few people seem to practice what they preach. It turns out that keeping an open mind is essential and vital to learning and fulfilling our full potential in life.

DMT allows us to keep an open mind. This is obvious to anyone who has experienced DMT. It is also why it is so hard to convince anyone who has not experienced DMT that DMT has what feels like magical powers. The people whose minds are least open – scientists foremost among them – are often the most skeptical. Disclaimer: I am a scientist. I have a college degree in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. I believe in the power of science to do great things. I was quite skeptical of the validity of what I was reading and hearing about DMT. It was only at a crisis point of my life that I decided it was worth the then-perceived risk of trying DMT. I took a leap of faith and tried DMT, And the problems that lead me to DMT disappeared. Strongly-held beliefs that were impeding my ability to see the world clearly evaporated. Obstacles erected by my ego that were keeping me from loving others and myself disappeared.

When many people report similar experiences about a non-trivial matter, it seems only reasonable to take notice. Pay attention. There is something very important here to be learned.

A key to the kingdom is in our midst. Let us not misplace it.

Which got me to thinking, most of the great thinkers, be they philosophers or physicists or writers, poets, dancers, etc. did all they seminal work as young people. In Physics, it is pretty much assumed that real ingenuity is gone by 30. So I went back and looked at photos, and geniuses seem to share something in common - a full head of hair when genius struck.

So, here's the thing. We are all geniuses as kids. Adulthood can be defined as a loss of ingenuity in exchange for a desire to bear children. Ingenuity can be rediscovered, by adding DMT back into your brain.