Dark Matter is where life is forming

Physicists are confused by dark matter and dark energy. They know something exists out there because of gravitational effects and other signposts, but because it doesn't emit or reflect enough electromagnetic energy (light) to detect, physicists haven't discovered it yet. Nor they will if they keep searching for light in the dark. When matter that is dark no longer needs the light it is absorbing, it stops being dark. It becomes detectable and joins what is called the "known universe."

When some physicists see a conflict between observation and theory, they blame the observation, not the theory. The theory that dark matter does not interact with light is wrong. Dark matter interacts intensely with light, so intensely that it only absorbs it. When a theory explains a lot but not the big picture of reality, some people hope to change reality. It turns out it is a lot easier to change the theory. The easy answer is often right. Once something is known it is not difficult at all. One wonders why there was ever a question at all.

Why does matter need light? It needs light to create life because light contains all the information required by the building blocks of life to organize themselves into the structures of life.

Think of light as an immensely huge (the broadest of broad bands) WiFi signal. We've created a neat little Wifi intranet here on earth. Some people call it the internet. It is still mostly an intranet.

There is light. There is dark matter. There is gray matter. The more gray matter the easier it is to see the light.

The big bang theory is currently a bit of a dud. Which is not to say that elements of it are not illuminating. This much seems rather clear: greater understanding will only occur in open minds capable of new ideas. 

Cantel MoismComment