DMT is Life

We psychenauts get a lot of pullback from the timid. “Why do you want to escape life by turning to drugs?” is the common lame reframe. When friends and associates wonder why we focus on this molecule they are not seeing that this molecule is, apparently, one of the, if not the most important natural component of the human brain and mind.

So the essential point that I need stress for you timid folks out there: DMT only brings one closer to life. It enables the fullest possible life. Interacting with un-woke people who have not experienced DMT is both one of the saddest and most inspiring situations. On one hand there is sorrow for the needless suffering of those timid folks, and on the other hand is the joy of knowing how fantastically, wonderfully surprised will be the last to arrive at the party!

So if I dismiss your persistent questions as foolish, you need know why. You others, the initiated, know what I am talking about and is it not just the most incredible thing that has ever graced this universe?

Cantel Moism1 Comment