DMT is the GOD Molecule

Note: Children, do not try this at home. You are children, still under the influence of god, and you need not overdo things, as is the want of children, I know.

Note: Those adults currently in touch with god, this does not apply to you either. You are correct in saying that being in touch with god does not require “drugs." DMT is not a drug, as it is made naturally by humans inside humans. The following applies only to humans who refuse the existence of god.

Note: The god referred to here is not exclusive to any religion or spiritual tradition, though the core of religions and spiritual traditions is a direct experience with god.

A wise man once stated that LSD has the extremely dangerous affect of causing psychoses in people who have not taken it. This is a noteworthy similarity between LSD and DMT. Those who come under the influence of DMT have life-amending experiences, which they often and correctly interpret as resulting from a closer connection to god. The skeptics will point out that some terrible events have been associated with or resulted directly from someone under the influence of psychedelics. There may or may not be truth to this and at this time I cannot explain why psychedelics may have negative consequences, except to say that problems may arise when people under the influence attempt to use their egos to overcome the experience. Using one’s ego to overcome god will not work, this is as true as the day is long.

When psychedelics are experienced by people who already have a connection with god, a lovely interaction takes place. As the effect of the psychedelic wears off, the spiritual person returns to a normal with a feeling of renewal, akin to rebirth.

When psychedelics are experienced by people who deny a connection with god, the experience is at first confounding. On one hand, everything in the world appears to be exactly as it should be, exactly as god created. On the other hand, attempts to describe the experience using analytical methods learned in school come up short. A conflict arises. Sometimes the conflict is so great that users swear off psychedelics altogether, Afraid that further experiences will leave them damaged – less intelligent, less creative, less ambitious, and so on. Others, including myself, conclude that while something amazing occurs under the influence of psychedelics, this area must be explored extremely carefully and with great trepidation,

But it must be explored.

DMT allows people who deny a connection to god to reestablish the connection with god. People who feel an emptiness in their lives, who have lost hope in the future or doubt the very goodness of man, need not despair. I cannot explain why because I do not yet know, but when taken by the non-believer, DMT brings one back to god.

This is a very good thing.

GodChris CantelmoComment