For Those Of You Still Confused About Einstein’s Energy Equation

Here is a simple way to think of it. Einstein suggested very ingeniously that mass converts to energy. The form this energy takes is electromagnetic radiation. The problem with Einstein’s equation is that it captures only the surface area of the sphere containing the light energy released. Cantelmo’s Energy Equation (CEE) realizes that the volume of the energy sphere must be calculated to understand the totality of the released energy.

Let’s make it simpler: consider that there is a box filled with air. To understand how much air is in the box would you (a) calculate the surface area of the box, or (b) calculate the volume of the box?

(b) above is obviously correct. The “m” term in both Einstein’s and Cantelmo’s equations determines the length of time that the mass>light conversion occurs and this sets the length of the radial calculation.

So now we can all agree that E=mc3

Chris CantelmoComment