Here's Why The DMT Riddle Has Been So Hard To Crack

Since the outlawing of psychedelics in the 60s, straight society has been believing that DMT is a "drug" that creates illusions inside the head of the user.

The fact is that DMT allows the user to see what is actually there, and "straight" people cannot see what is literally invisible to them and tells the DMT user that what they are describing is hippie bullshit.

That worked while only hippies were doing DMT. Now straight, super smart people who can dance circles around anyone in the straight world are doing DMT with abandon because we know it is the key to unlocking our hidden geniuses.

Every single brain has the same capacity to be genius. All it takes is adding DMT to it. If adults refuse to rediscover DMT, they will remain stunted and ignorant and stupid. Yep that's you, because anyone reading this who has done DMT is going to sing "hallelujah!"

My name in real life is Chris Cantelmo. You are going to be hearing more about me. Mr. straight guy. Valedictorian of my high school. Went to Yale. Have a degree in Biophysics and Biochemistry. Watch me work, baby!

We Choose Life Over Death

More is being revealed. In the realm enabled by DMT, we are presented with every opportunity.

If you want to be a rich man, you are given money.

If you want to be a genius, you are given ideas.

If you want to be given love, it will find you.

If you want to die, a hand gets extended, and you are free to leave. But it seems like I have a bit more work here to do.

Trust God, Trust Yourself, Trust Your Friends

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