If you only believe things that everyone else believes you end up mediocre and ignorant.

Chris didn’t get into Yale, nor does anyone rise to the top of their field of interest, by accepting conventional wisdom.

Often times, in fact most times, conventional wisdom is wise and best left undisturbed. Other times conventional wisdom leads to generations of stagnation in a scientific or cultural realm.

Take schizophrenia for example. Since the beginning of time people have wondered what was Schizophrenia. It was assumed it was caused by any known disease agent which normals somehow escaped.

It wasn’t until Chris Cantelmo has a eureka moment and realized that everyone starts off as schizophrenic - with a brain full of DMT as children - and normals phase out at puberty.

Now that this is a known fact and we know that schizophrenics are much smarter than normal people and fully able to visualize all the dimensions known to man, we must celebrate schizophrenia.

Humanity owes a huge apology to schizophrenics for making them feel crazy. It is normal people who are disadvantaged. The treatment of schizophrenics is the most extreme case of ‘tyranny of the masses’ ever perpetuated.

Rejoice in the newfound knowledge brought to us by Cantelmo’s genius.

Chris CantelmoComment