Stare Directly Into The Sun For The Love Of God

If you want your body to start producing DMT again all you need to is stare directly into the sun. Do it for at least a few minutes a day.

Ask yourself: who told me not to stare into the sun? Who is this all-wise person who thought you should not stare into the sun? It was someone who wanted you to NOT see. It was someone who knew that the glory of the universe is only possible to see if you stare directly into the sun. Who would not want you to see the glory of the universe? This ain't rocket science folks.

As a child you remember staring into the sun even though your parents or teachers might have told you otherwise. This is what kids do. They don't listen to their parents and teachers because they know better. It turns out that kids really do know better than their parents and teachers. And since you remember staring into the sun as a child and your eyes are perfectly fine now, or you wouldn't be reading this, why do you think your eyes cannot handle the sun now?

Would the creator of the universe create an eye that was not capable of viewing its most important source of light? How did eyes evolve before eyes had a mouth attached to them that would tell them to not stare into the sun? Animals stare into the sun all day long. Look at animals' eyes. They extend out past their eyelids and are not shaded by a brow. If we are the most advanced form of eye why would our eyes be less capable than those of "lesser" creatures?

Ask yourself this important question? Why do I believe what I believe when I can see exactly how things are without having to believe in anything? Open your eyes!

You might consider saving your protective eye-wear for viewing arc-welding sparks and nuclear explosions here on earth.

But the sun was created for your enjoyment. Our enjoyment.

Consider that for as long as you have been told that you should not stare into the sun that the world has only grown more polluted, more contentious, more chaotic, more scared and more meek. This is not a coincidence.

Wake Up. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month. TODAY.

Start living TODAY!

Start living again right NOW!

P.S. Hint: The opposite is also true, in that depriving yourself of all light has also been reported to restart the brain's natural production of DMT. There is a reason why people placed in solitary confinement find god. Because DMT allows one to see god. How do you think Nelson Mandela and other of humanity's great beings survived insufferable isolation? Only by the grace of God.