Alien entities (Space Aliens) have arrived on earth and are threatening bioterrorism against humanity unless the assault on earth’s environment and natural resources is immediately curtailed.

Yale educated biophysicist and biochemist Chris Cantelmo of Lakeview Terrace, CA is effectively being held hostage by aliens entities he describes as having feline/insecticidal features which communicate by emitting light beams that elicit specific thoughts in humans. Cantelmo has been interviewed by the FBI counterterrorism unit in Los Angeles. Contact Agent P[redacted] to confirm. Agent J[redacted] at the same office has also interviewed Cantelmo after Cantelmo contacted the FBI and California 911 emergency services repeatedly to alert authorities of the intentions of the alien.

Cantelmo describes an event during which aliens approached him while he was hiking at Condor Peak in the Angeles National Forest about 5 miles north of Tujunga, CA. A massive alien entity about the twice size of a large African crocodile levitated itself about 10 feet above the ground and circled Cantelmo when the two accidentally crossed paths while what appeared to be the leader of the aliens was being transported through the forest is a spherical atmosphere-controlled container about 3 feet in diameter. The container may have been an egg casing of the rainbow hued feline insects.

Chris Cantelmo is an articulate, serious minded biochemist who spent 35 years as an expert in high performance liquid chromatography in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry.

Cantelmo is willing to take a lie detector test and undergo public psychiatric evaluation to prove he is telling the truth and not psychiatrically or mentally impaired.

The aliens are resident and multiplying in and around the San Fernando Valley. The aliens have fantastic qualities including being able to shape shift and camouflage themselves like trees and shrubs so effectively that they become essentially invisible to humans.

Cantelmo has resigned his position with the company he presided over for decades, [redacted]. of Torrance CA and Rolling Hills Estates, CA in order to bring this alien threat to the attention of humanity. Cantelmo is spending all of his personal savings, including his 401k retirement funds, on online advertising campaigns trying to gain national and federal attention to this matter.

Cantelmo and his discovery are the subject and focus of several large subreddits at including r/Cantelmoismand r/Cantelmoismexposed, the former of which was founded by Cantelmo and the latter created by naysayers trying to discredit Cantelmo’s earth-shattering news. Cantelmo has created an online presence at twitter, Facebook, discord, YouTube and other social media platforms in an effort to spread the word. Cantelmo has created many YouTube videos promoting his discoveries and been interviewed for multiple audio and video podcasts.

Cantelmo can name many eyewitnesses who corroborate these claims but who currently wish to remain anonymous for fear of losing their jobs or being branded “nut jobs” for speaking about “invisible aliens.”

Cantelmo can be reached at 310-XXX-XXXX and lives in Lakeview Terrace CA on a horse ranch with his two dogs. Cantelmo is a divorced father of two boys, 25 and 26, who graduated from Yale University in 1984 with honors in Yale’s most prestigious major, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (MB&B).