The Spike In The Heart of Sam Harris' Atheism

DMT and Atheism

More and more becomes clear and what appeared to be an impossibly complicated situation becomes simpler and simpler.

I have been fascinated by the varying duration of the DMT experience reported by users. I experience trip a duration on the low end (2 minutes) where others, particularly women, report a longer trip duration (5-10 minutes). The lovely porn superstar Jennifer White, for example, stays in the DMT zone far longer than do I and she has voiced concern as to whether this is "normal." Of course it is normal!

So here is my explanation, and it will amaze and fascinate you I am most assured.

The activity level of the enzyme Mono-amine oxidase (MAO) that exists on the brain side of the blood-brain barrier determines how quickly DMT is broken down to an inactive molecule and thus determines trip duration. The more MAO, the shorter the trip duration. Simple enough.

What is fascinating is the realization that the more MAO, the more likely is one to be an atheist.

It is a well known fact that men are much more likely to be atheists than women. Also, in general, boys take an interest in sex earlier than girls. It will turn out that boys have higher MAO levels than girls.

How are MAO levels and atheism linked? When our brains are awash in DMT as youngsters, as kids we are able to see elves and ghosts and spirits all around us. Childhood truly is a wonderland. When DMT production stops at puberty, the world becomes boring and relatively gray but we get to have sex - a worthy trade off in the eyes of most practitioners. The further one moves away, temporally, from the DMT spirit world, the fainter the memory of the God-created paradise into which we are born.

Without a fresh memory of paradise, we are inclined to doubt the existence of God. Doubting the existence of god = atheism. The greater the activity level of MAO, the lower the likelihood of believing in God.

Here's a mnemonic to remember this by: Chairman Mao hated God.

[For those too young to remember Mao Zedong of China, he was the revolutionary leader who ushered godless atheism into China and brought a hellish life to the most populous country on earth. Btw Stalin was an outright atheist, and Hitler waffled as to his beliefs. HINT: If someone waffles about their belief in God, they are atheist. True believers leave no doubt]

P.S. Is it staring to dawn on people how critically important is DMT to humanity?

If Hitler had simply vaped DMT, there would be no Palestinian problem or strife in the middle east, for Christ's sake.

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