Why DMT Is The Next Big Thing

D-M-T. N, N-Dimethyl Tryptamine. This chemical is the active ingredient in ayahuasca, which you have likely heard about or tried or know somebody who has tried, and is on the cusp of changing world history. I am Chris Cantelmo, the Yale educated biochemist who discovered that DMT is not a drug but is actually the primary endogenous neurotransmitter of human youth and is at the center of schizophrenia and autism. DMT production is regulated by our pineal gland, and healthy pineal function has been impeded in modern society be fluoridated drinking water and our not getting enough sunlight directly to our retinas.

The critical feature of my discovery is what I have dubbed the DMT cycle. Like all of history’s greatest discoveries, it is profoundly simple and has been hidden right in front of our eyes for thousands of years.

The DMT cycle proceeds as follows. From birth to puberty DMT is the primary neurotransmitter in our brains. A DMT enabled brain is hyper efficient and allows us to process much more information and visualize many more dimensions than the default, non-DMT enabled brain, which runs primarily on serotonin. In ‘normal’ people, DMT production is inversely proportional to sex hormone production. When normal people go through puberty, DMT production stops and the dull, boring world of adulthood ensues. The only feature that makes adulthood somewhat interesting is our getting to have sex — otherwise it would be intolerable compared to the DMT world (trust me you’ll understand when you try DMT). Late in life, when our sex hormones disappear and in a brain with a healthy pineal, DMT production returns and our aged get reacquainted with the spirit world before death. DMT allows us to see spirits and angels existing in dimensions not perceptible to the serotonin mediated brain of middle adulthood.

In autistics and schizophrenia (autism is essentially schizophrenia in a nurturing environment), DMT production is ‘abnormally’ high and this accounts for the visions and “hallucinations” of what we until-my-discoveries used to call the mentally ill. Hallucinations are not imaginary but rather visualizations of entities actually existing in the real world.

My discovery that DMT is the primary molecule enabling the highest human and animal consciousness also explains the origins of instinctual behaviors, altruism, migration navigation in all animals, the biochemical basis of atheism, the fact that E=mc^3 and not mc^2 , and hundreds of other until-now mysteries. I’m Chris Cantelmo and I figured all this out and I will one day be recognized as the greatest scientist and spiritualist in the history of humanity. Welcome to my world.

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