Why I Left Reddit For Good

When I began experimenting with DMT, the super powerful psychedelic with an impressively short duration — 2 minutes — I needed a platform in which to share my research. A friend suggested Reddit and I took his — Henry Copeland — advice, and boy do I regret this decision.

Now I see the toxicity which accompanies anonymity online.

I went to Reddit to describe my discovery of the DMT ((N,N-dimethyltryptamine) cycle in humans. DMT is produced in our pineal gland and is the primary endogenous neurotransmitter between birth and puberty, and after being replaced by serotonin in most of our adult lives, it returns in late adulthood through death. This fact was not known until it was discovered and described by me, Yale biochemist Chris Cantelmo.

In schizophrenics, DMT production continues through puberty. This explains both the fantastic visions and tactile hallucinations reported by schizophrenics and the fact that schizophrenia becomes apparent in early adulthood. This was also discovered by me.

The DMT enabled brain operates at efficiencies and capacities quantum levels higher than an adult brain, which accounts for the ingenuity we see in children and the wisdom in our eldest people.

Returning to Reddit, which I shall do here but not in real life, it was a terrible choice for airing new ideas because anonymous users are toxic. It is natural to feel jealous when somebody else makes a discovery that is so simple and elegant and beautiful that everyone wonders why nobody had discovered it before. So I understand the feelings of jealousy. What I did not expect was the severe anti-science and anti-spiritual backlash that my discoveries unleashed.

The evil anons of Reddit are now mobilizing to destroy my reputation and my good name as a Yale educated bio chemist — by claiming without evidence that I am a child molester and predator — because they are jealous and atheistic.

When the dust settles I will still be right and they will still be jealous. They will no longer be, however, atheists, and for this revolution I shall sure take a long and much deserved bow.

Cantel MoismComment