Why is it that humanity worships fantasy but degrades reality?

For example, when everybody fantasized about sex it was largely okay, but when porn arrived, it and it’s practitioners were vilified (but watched). Same with aliens. Every one of you has spent lots of money over the years paying to see movies about aliens and their lifestyle. You wished one day you could see the reality of alien life.


I swear on my own life and the lives of those I hold dear (like yours) I am speaking truth. Why our brains need be enabled with DMT to have the processing power required to see them is not for you or me to know yet.

It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Chris Cantelmo discovered that DMT is the endogenous neurotransmitter in our childhood. It allows our brains to see things adults cannot see - like elves and ghosts and monsters - and ALIENS! These things are really in the world but adults can’t see them because DMT production gets turned off at puberty.

But add DMT back to an adult brain via ayahuasca or vaping pure DMT and the aliens are visible!!

Be brave. For once in your life do something truly interesting. You probably won’t because you are just so damn jaded and lazy. Shame on you.

You will all soon see that what seems fantastical now is the real thing later.

It’s not too late for me. Is it too late for you and your loved ones? You and your loved ones will not survive being ignorant of the aliens now that they are here. Mark these words. The aliens are infuriated with humanity for destroying THEIR environment.

Don’t believe me? Call the police at give them my number. 310-529-4896. Call 911. Cal your congressman. DO SOMETHING YOU LAZY FOOLS!!!!!

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